Monday, December 6, 2010

Lazy Words

So after a long absence from the ranting business I have decided that there is something that bothers me enough to put down in words. That something is the ever increasing use of shortened froms of words.

Examples: whatev instead of whatever, I heard breakie instead of breakfast, prob instead of problem.

It is laziness and horrible language precision. If you are trying to appeal to teenagers (also refered to as "tweens") then you are probably safe. If you want to appeal to adults then get strait. Get the whole word out of your mouth instead of a lame fragment.

It's been so long I've forgotten how to wrap it up so...


Whitney said...

What! Rowdy at the top of my list? it's been too long.

My least favorite abbreviation is late instead of later.. Does it really take that much effort to add the "r"? no it doesn't.

Melanie said...

whatevs- you totes need to get with the times! jkiddin- lol!

Melanie said...
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