Wednesday, June 24, 2009

girl versions

As I was walking through the airport today I saw a girl who looked exactly like a friend I have from Minnesota. The only difference between this girl and my friend back home is that my friend back home is a boy. They had the same hair color, same build same pointed nose so many similarities. The one at the airport was, however, clearly a girl. I thought about how funny that was that here existed my friends Doppelganger, except this one is a girl. Then, as my mind often does when i think of something clever, I took time to ponder and reflect. I remembered having seen girl versions of other friends of mine, not as exact, but similar. Then my mind reached the conclusion that out there, in the wide-wide world, is a female version of me. The thought weirded me out. As I thought about this she-me I felt bad for her. Because, while I'm an ok-looking guy, she would be an ugly looking girl. Especially if she was as like me as this girl was to my Minnesota friend. I hope I never see her, it would be the strangest thing ever. If I recognized her for what she is, I'd have a hard time not staring. I just got a shiver. I'm done thinking about it.