Thursday, April 30, 2009

I was going through my camera and found these awesome videos from the trip to Minnesota this winter.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

last day ever

Today was my last day of classes...ever. EVER! I'll never have a school class again. Well, as far as I have planned. the future is a weird place, but as of this second I have zero plans to ever go to school again. I'll go to campus and use my student ID to get into things, sure, but I won't be there for any sort of academic reason.

I dressed up today like I was going on a date. I wore my date shirt and my date pants and I looked good. People noticed. An Asian girl talked to me. That has never happened in 6 years of school. I played video games, went to the gym, made a cake...all my favorite things. I finished the day with a bunch of tv watching. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it was a great day. The weather was perfect. Someone bought me ice cream. I even got my belly rubbed for a second which was nice.

I don't know how tomorrow is going to be better than today. something amazing is going to have to happen to top the great feeling at the end of today.

I am still keeping my eyes open for a bag of money some careless drug dealer might leave lying around.

Well see!