Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back to the Classics

Today at work they showed the classic Back to the Future trilogy. I had no fewer than four individual conversations with people who had never seen them. Never! There were two girls who didn't even know what we were watching. I'm amazed that people have never heard of Back to the Future. I'm not that old, they weren't that young. What's going on people?

Back-to-the-Future-related side note: At the end of the second movie Doc Brown's Delorean was struck by lightening sending him and the car back to 1885. Marty get's the note from the Western Union guy sent by Doc Brown telling them he's OK and informing them where he stashed the car. They find the car and Marty goes back in time in the Delorean to save Doc from being murdered by"Mad Dog" Tanner. My question is this: Shouldn't there have been two Delorean's in 1885? There should be the one Doc took back and the one Marty took back. It's a pretty big plot hole if you ask me. However, the movies are still hilarious and unique and people should have watched them. At the very least people should have heard of them. Goodness folks, get with the times!


Reuben said...

never seen them? you've gotta be kidding me. That's ridiculous. Of course, I've never seen Star Wars, which a lot of people also seem to think is heresy. Here's the real test, though: Have they seen Teen Wolf? Love that movie.

Rowdy said...

Teen Wolf. Yes. Another classic. Less classic is Teen Wolf 2.

Blake James Wilson said...

Even more appalling is the disrespect that coworkers and donors show to this classic story. I almost want to punch people when they badmouth Doc and Marty. So so sad