Thursday, December 11, 2008

clothes line

In all my 25 years I've never seen anything like this. The drier took all my clothes and somehow braided them together. It was probably 6 or 7 feet long. Even my clothes do awesome things.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

new awesome blog

I recently took a personality test. The results were a little surprising to me. For one, I knew I was introverted, but I didn't realize I was extremely introverted. I also found out that, in this particular personality test, my personality type is dubbed ''the artisan.'' One me the most significant qualities of my group is our unique skill with tools. We love tools; We are good with tools.

I considered this. All of my tools can fit into one handbag that I take to my job assembling display things for the garden center at Hone Depot. That doesn't seem like a true "artisan" to me. This concerned me so I got back to my considering. The first thing I realized is I would have more tools were it not for my self-enduced vow of college-related poverty. If I had money I would be exactly like my dad and have a workshop filled to overflowing with tools. I'd spend hundreds on every new project had I hundreds to spend on such glorious things. The second thing I realized is I do have tools. Lots and lots of tools. I've been collecting them for years.

"But you said..."

I know what I said. Think outside the box. Ny tools aren't kept in a toolbox. I keep them in the kitchen. Our kitchen is stuffed with my special kitchen tools.

This is who I am. I'm a dude who uses tools to cook.

So, in acceptance of who I am, I've begun a new blog. It will be a list of all the recipes I have tried and enjoy. I've tried many gross, weird, or "interesting" recipes. I will not include those for obvoius reasons. No point holding on to those gems.

So, for those who like fine food and my writing, tune in and see what's cooking (cheesy ending).