Thursday, July 31, 2008

Super Powers

Right now my roommate, Fez, is blogging about The Flash. We had a deep, lenghty and heaty debate about whether the Flash could go faster on a bike than he could on foot. My point of view on the subject is irrelevant to this blog. I bring it up because him talking about this particular super hero caused me to consider the topic of super powers.

I don't know about you, but around here we often find ourselves discussing which super abilities would be the best ones to have. Invisibility, flight, strength or what have you. My personal favorite is super ESP, the ability to not only make things move with your mind but control over matter. I thing that would be the bees knees of super powers.

But, I propose a different question on this tipical line: What would be your unique super power, or rather, what super power would you want that nobody has ever had before? Be careful how you answer because I'm no geek, but I'm fairly familiar with super powers and who's had them

I think a fun one would be the ability to create water balloons in my hands. I always find myself in places with people who are just begging to be clobered with a balloon full of water in the face. For instance: A week or two ago we were in Wal-Mart purchasing water balloons (coincidence), and some guy started riding some goofy-looking homemade bicycle around the store. If ever there was a need for a filled water balloon it was then. How perfect would his story be when he's trying to tell his friends how cool he is when he has to finish his story with, "and then some kid jumped out and nailed me in the face with a water balloon!"

I think another uniqu ability would me...well, do you remember the movie 'Groundhog's Day'with Bill Murray? If I could repeat each day over and over again as many times as I want but have control over when I move to the next day, I would do that. I could live a lifetime inside of every day. I would only age as I moved to the next day. I could try things as many times I wanted until I had it down perfect. I could master the guitar. I could do sweet jumps off the cliffs at porcupine. Learn every language. Read books (I might not do that, actuall), but the possibilities are nearly endless. Death wouldn't matter, I'd just come back to life when the next day starts. And when I was ready to start my next day I would live one more day, go to the gym, eat really healthy be nice to everyone and make my preperations for the next day. I may do a seperate blog on all the possibilities of this particular super power sometime in the future.

It would have draw backs, of course, but I really think the benifits would outweigh them.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Swim Suits

We decided to go cliff jumping wearing a different sort of suit. If we were more creative and had more cameras we could have made an awesome music video out of this idea. But we aren't and we we don't, so we didn't.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kimmy's Toes

I met a new girl tonight with a unique toe-related talent.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my new scooter

when i was a kid my piano teacher had a scooter I would ride around during my sisters' lessons. ever since then I've wanted one of my very own. Since new ones are hard to find I've been forced to look for one second hand. No easy task. Either they are a hot item and don't stay on the thrift shelves very long or they are things people don't seem to be able to part with very easily. Either way it has taken me years to find this little treasure. Shocks and brakes.

My dream is to start a club for scooter jousting. you bring your own scooter, pads and lance. It's the perfect sport for college hooligans and, I feel. the videos would get some positive attention on youtube.

I took it to the student bike shop where I work today and had them help me with the brakes. the front ones now work perfectly (for a plastic wheel) and the back ones are broke. They have a special brake cable that splits into two cables that I need and they didn't have. But at least my front brakes can stop me.

I plan to murder it out (paint it all flat black for those of you who aren't hip on the lingo) and find some 12 inch wheels that aren't made of plastic. I'm also considering pegs but that won't be for ahwile. I'm open to other ideas as well.


This is the picture I sent from my mobile phone. I love technology. A little about the picture: this is the stash I had for Cinco de Meyo (Mayo?). I loved it. Some kid at home depot told me it was "B A."

I are Illiterate

Back when I was the only one who ever saw my blog, before all of my millions of fans started viewing, I had my blogspot as! But, no fear all is fixed. You know it's fixed because you are reading it right here.

By the end of the day I'm hoping to have gone cliff jumping in my three piece suit, but maybe without the jacket.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lightning Crash

i'm in chicago tonight. when I landed we found ourselves in the midst of a miserable rain. steady drizzle. it wasn't cold, but it felt cold because of the wet. Just blah. However, after about an hour of exploring neighborhoods and subdivisions the sky grew dark and ominous. in rainy weather that means fun. Lightening crashed thunder rolled. Isn't that the best?

I can't prove this, but I'm sure everyone loves lighting. Girls especially love them. I wouldn't mind haviing a girl here to enjoy the weather instead of my middle-aged partner.

You can always expect an awesome conversation out of a lighting storm.