Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Human Bladder

The human bladder, when completely full, is capable of holding 1 liter of fluid.

While me and my best buddy, Fez, were at what is possibly my favorite store invented by humans, DI, we made a fantastic discovery. In the plastic section of the kitchen items were two over-sized brandy glasses. I only know they are brandy glasses because the sticker on the bottom says so. Now, I imagine these glasses were intended to be some sort of party serving dish, or a nifty household decoration or maybe even a fishbowl for one of those colorful Betta fish. We decided to use them for what they looked like they are for: drinking a lot of beverage out of.

The Challenge: See who would take the longest to drink 4 liters of fluid out of their glass. That's just over a gallon for you who are not familiar with the metric system. The beverage choices were made by the drinkers. I chose to fill mine with a cranberry-apple juice and Fez went with the white-grape-peach juice.

It's harder than you think to make this sort of selection. Just a few of the things you need to consider are:

  • How much money do I really want to spend on an activity like this? (my answer was $5.65)
  • What possible beverage would I be willing to potentially be sick of for the rest of my life?
  • What selection do I think I could choke down a gallon of?

So far I think I made the right choice.

The drinking began at 6:23 PM tonight. My first 20 minutes killed about the top 2-3 inches of my juice level. The next 20 minutes took down another half inch. The following 20 minutes took even less. I haven't made any progress for the last almost hour. I'm waiting on my first liter to not be in my body anymore.

I'm kinda determined to have this thing down before I go to bed tonight. I'm not a hundred per cent sure that will happen, but....you know, it might.


Reuben said...

ooh. looks fun some friends and I once tried something similar with Shasta brand 'horchata.' It was a mistake. ...and a vomit-fest. Let us know how it turns out...

Megan Knowles said...

i am glad to see you are doing such quality things with your time...sounds like logan is a blast!(she says with heavy sarcasm)

Melanie said...

How did it turn out??? Did you finish yet???

Rowdy said...

I finished at almost exactly 5:30 this afternoon. Just over 23 hours. My teeth hurt and I've been peeing every 20 minutes.

The Cowles Family said...

Sounds challenging. I am glad you finished it. I am glad to see you use your time wisely. Ha! Ha! Tell my sis Hi.