Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Brandy Glass Adventure

Well, it wasn't really an adventure, but I some good times were had.

Do you remember the giant plastic brandy glass we found at DI? If you forgot or don't know or just need a reminder, look at the post before this.
I was dared by a friend to sneak it into a movie theater. What she didn't know at the time is that my roommate works at the movie theater and gets us in for free. When you get into a movie for free you also get popcorn for free. However, in order to get free popcorn (or beverage) you have to bring your own bowls. This is perfect since we now own several popcorn bowls that hold more popcorn than the extra large bowls they sell you. And, in the case of last night, i just happened to have a perfect brandy-glass-sized bowl.

Dare: Accomplished

I wish I had a picture, but we got there late. Taking a picture would have been rude. I could have taken one after but the glass was empty and a picture wouldn't have proved much. Next time.

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Casey Brianne said...

Dang it boy! I was looking forward to a picture of massive amounts of popcorn!