Tuesday, September 16, 2008


this is the guy and girl sitting by me right now in my astronomy class. they have very little volume control. they think they are being quiet but they are not. at all. they are enjoying a lenghty conversation. last thursday they talked about relationships and dating in general. his theories are poor and i can see why he doesn't have success with the ladies.

they have cought my stare a few times, but can only manage silence for roughly 30 seconds. i feel like he is the main problem, but she supposrts it so i blame her.

if any of you recognize either of these two idiots tell them i think they are idiots. show them this blog. maybe they will learn to be respectful of my time. i doubt it though. they seem to be pretty brainless.

i'm also open to creative ways to get them to shut up.


Jack Clinton Raymond II said...

fight them..

Megan Knowles said...

oh dear cousin...you are crazy!!!

RONNIE said...

That is what you get for taking an astronomy class...nobody takes the class serious..they are all just there to fill a credit. You should have expected that when you signed up