Friday, September 5, 2008

Sunday Drive

Until Wednesday the front tire on my car was flat. It was actually pretty destroyed. Since I'm poor it sat there for a few weeks. My only decent modes of transportation were a scooter and a bike. Since I think biking is a lot more work than fun I mostly rode my scooter. Motor scooter, not my push scooter Disco.

The scooter is slightly illegal right now and not exactly insured. That makes every ride an adventure for me. Sunday was my biggest adventure yet.

It was a beautiful day when I left for church. I have early meetings so I left while my roommates were watching cartoons. I ran out of gas but had some in a gas can from a week earlir when I ran out of gas then. (that happened right after I unintentially sorta made a little kid cry. Whoops) So my saintly brother left his cartoons to bring me the gas can. I was still right on time for my meetings. Please pause for a moment to be impressed. I know you are. That was the pre-adventure for the afternoon show.

When I left the building to go home I walked out to a rain shower. Not a drizzle. Not even a sprinkle. This was easily a shower. I paused briefly to consider my options. I came to the conclusion that the most manly thing to do was adventure home in the rain. I was soked before I made it out of the parking lot. I forgot how water resistant my shoes are. My pants probably could be dry cleaned now, but I couldn't be happier with my decision. An unforseen Sunday adventure? Brilliant!

Looking back now I'm giving credit to divine intervention for me running out of gas before church and not after.


Reuben said...

"Since I think biking is a lot more work than fun..."


that's why I wrecked your car tire, sucka.

Rowdy said...

you were behind the tire? Well then you owe me a lot of money. I'll take it in t form of an awesome birthdy present.