Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Ant

Today on my way home from work I was listening to 1776 on audiobook. When I pulled into the driveway I only had 12 minutes of it left so I sat in the air conditining and finished it up. While I was on my last few minutes of the book an ant began crawling down my windshield. It had something in it's mouth, a tiny leaf or bit of grass. As it was decending it tripped and rolled the rest of the way down the windshield.

stupid ant


Melanie said...

Hey- I'm ready 1776 right now. Maybe I should try the audio though, because I keep falling asleep while I'm reading it. Also, I'm not sure ants have too many brains, so its not really their fault their dumb.

Rowdy said...

But have you ever seen an ant trip? If all the dumb ants in the world lived on an island, this one would be their king.

Also, I highly recommend audio booking 1776. It's read by the author.

I download my audiobooks for free from my local library.

Melanie said...

Thats such a good idea. I just checked and our library system doesn't have 1776. Also the book I'm reading is 1491, not 1776. Obviously I'm not that into it. 1776 might be better. The library doesn't have an audio for that book either.

Rowdy said...

i just finished 1491 a few months ago. loved it! that's what i got dad for christmas. the part about smallpox makes me sad.