Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adventure Week

This week was awesome. doing cool stuff is cool, but going on adventures is where it's at.
This week I was an active party to two awesome adventures. Both were things I'd never been a part of before. Both were things I would do again. I mean this second I would do it.
The first adventure was geo caching. now that may not sound like too exciting of an adventure, does it? No. It does not. What you need to know is how we mixed it up to make it an adventure. The first step was to go in the middle of the night. Adventures are best in the dark. Once we were to our embarking position on the side of the road (after being questioned by the friendliest police officer I've ever met) we immediately had to forge the river. Remember that it's night. after our party of four nearly made it across dry we began our search for the unknown mystery item. when you don't know what you are on the hunt for, finding it is a real bear of a task. Fez brought with him the gps unit and was able to guide us up the mountain to as near the target area as possible. We made a gallant attempt to find the missing treasure. We scaled treacherous cliffs. *note on cliffs: it's easier to climb ridiculous ciffs with no ropes or anything like that in the dark. You don't see where you'd fall to.* We looked at every place we can see. We never found our treasure. Yet the adventure was in the looking. That's a life lesson for you all to remember. Rowdy is wise in the ways of life. We climbed down the mountain. investigated some old ruins on our way down. Crossed the wet river and went home.
Adventure two was less complicated but possibly more fun. My awesome roommate, Fez, was able to procure two four wheelers from contacts at his work for a night. After a stop for gas and a stop for air we were on our way to the base of Mt. Logan. We were set to go up at 10:30 that night. We zipped up the mountain in the wind and the cold with dust in our face and the full moon lighting the forest. We woke up every camper on the way up (I hope) and nearly wrecked on a few turns. Once we made it to the tip top of the mountain we laid on the mountain and looked at the lights of the city and wished talked about religion, life and probably a lot of fairly mundane things as well. Before we left we both agreed that it would be a good place to bring girls and that we were thankful that we aren't girls since girls usually don't go on adventures of this type. The ride down was as fun as the ride up and we were able to rouse the campers a second time.
People, go on adventures. Trust me. One good adventure can last you for a long time. Grandpa Hancock used to tell us, "Life, to me, has been a grand adventure." I want to be able to say that. I don't to say "Life has been a cushy ride. I didn't take chances answer so I didn't get hurt." or "I don't get people's deal with living."
Make Adventure a Verb.


Melanie said...

I totally agree that the best part of geo-caching is in the looking. Well, maybe its in the getting to the spot where you should start looking. Once we get to the spot we're usually pretty happy with ourselves. Adventures are good.

Reuben said...

Uh... HELLO. you missed one adventure... Playing board games in my living room while eating popcorn! Hello! THAT'S an adventure...