Thursday, May 14, 2009


when our last two roommates moved out they left the fridge they were using in quite the state. every inch was covered in sticky stuff. there was a half carton of milk that expired in September. At least three bags full of an unidentifyable something. They were black from rot. A few days ago a girl almost threw up when we opened it due to the smell. Well Calen and I dug right into it this morning. we got it so clean I had no problems putting my whole self inside. I'm so domestic.

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Helen said...

Yes that fride was horrible! Honestly I don't know how you guys even stood to clean it! I avoided opening it always at all cost! Oh goodness! And you a only somewhat domestic, sorry you can't be 100 percent domestic...I don't know why it just doesn't seem right at all. Sorry. I hope you are well.