Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Smaritans

There is a secret free parking lot near campus that I like to park in because I refuse to pay over a hundred bucks for a parking permit. I bought a motorcycle permit for my scooter, but that was cheap and it's winter and I can't drive it.

The word has gotten out about the free lot so it fills up, add to that the fact that my first class isn't until noon and you can figure that it's pretty impossible to get into the free lot. I got there today and the one spot left was in 4 inches of snow. I was in a hurry so I risked it. The snow was melting, it was a hot day and I was feeling lucky, so i went for it. Well, I was on campus for awhile tonight and didn't get to my car until after it had been dark for awhile. It was then cold and things were no longer melting. It was the opposite (freezing).

To get to the point, my car was stuck. I was ready to do what I had to do to get it out by myself, but this girl walking by noticed that I wasn't having any luck with the "rock it" technique. So put her bag down and asked me if I needed any help. She was a small girl, but I appreciated the heart behind her request. So we put the car into neutral and the two of us were attempting, once again, the "rock it out" technique. We had begun to have some success when a guy shows up and helps out some more. Perfect.

Our next idea was to put the girl in the car to work the pedals while us strong men worked the front end with our backs and legs. I don't think she'd worked too many stuck cars because she started gunning the wheels. Anyone who has been stuck lots and lots of times like I have knows you have to creep it out.

How do you tell someone who is doing a good deed for you that they don't know what they are doing and they are screwing up your tires? You don't tell them. You don't because that is rude. Don't be rude.

The other guy knew what she was doing and we came up with a plan to have her turn the wheel and we said "and just use a little gas this time." This time it worked. I shook their hands and was on my way.

Thinking back I should have offered them a ride, but I'm clearly not as thoughtful as those two were.


Reuben said...

did you get her number? you shoulda got her number.

Melanie said...

yeah, it rules when people are nice to you. it can totally make your day. that incident could have ruined your day, but instead something awesome happened. you should do something nice for someone else when you get a chance.

RONNIE said...

LOL. you would forget to
offer them a ride....that is so you. And you probably spit snow from your tires all over them on your way out too...didn't you.

Witten said...

:) ah,it's a good story though! (New blog)