Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Big Whoops

Remember how I was going to graduate in December and get a job and finally become an adult? Well, due to some faulty wiring in my brain, probably due to prolonged exposure to cartoons and video games I took the wrong classes this semester and am now 5 upper division credits shy of graduating instead of 8 like I was at the beginning of this semester. As a result of this flub, I am now taking an astronomy class and a class on human development that I really don't need to take. Sure, I've learned a few things, but the main thing I've learned right now is that a 3 credit class is NOT a 3000 level class. It only took 6 years of college to get that one down.

Bitter? yeah, I'm a little bitter. But only at myself.

The up side, I have 6 more months to find a job and become an adult, I get to spend another 6 months in Logan and I really like Logan, and I'll got one more chance to actually DO something for Spring Break. I've always been broke when it's rolled around.

So, everyone, plan for a spring graduation.


Casey Brianne said...

Aw that sucks! My advisor at Concordia is the one who screwed me up, so I was ONE class short, this is why I took Biblical Hebrew the next fall... but i LOVED it! It's so aggrevating when ya find out something was done wrong. But like you said... more time to get ready to grow up! Any ideas where it will take you?

The Cowles Family said...

That sucks!! But at least you don't have to grow up yet.