Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my new scooter

when i was a kid my piano teacher had a scooter I would ride around during my sisters' lessons. ever since then I've wanted one of my very own. Since new ones are hard to find I've been forced to look for one second hand. No easy task. Either they are a hot item and don't stay on the thrift shelves very long or they are things people don't seem to be able to part with very easily. Either way it has taken me years to find this little treasure. Shocks and brakes.

My dream is to start a club for scooter jousting. you bring your own scooter, pads and lance. It's the perfect sport for college hooligans and, I feel. the videos would get some positive attention on youtube.

I took it to the student bike shop where I work today and had them help me with the brakes. the front ones now work perfectly (for a plastic wheel) and the back ones are broke. They have a special brake cable that splits into two cables that I need and they didn't have. But at least my front brakes can stop me.

I plan to murder it out (paint it all flat black for those of you who aren't hip on the lingo) and find some 12 inch wheels that aren't made of plastic. I'm also considering pegs but that won't be for ahwile. I'm open to other ideas as well.


Reuben said...

awesome scooter. I'd add some bikini babes.

This thing totally kicks those little razor scooter's asses.

Melanie said...

yep. awesome. i see people playing bicycle polo around here, so i don't know why you can't do scooter lancing. can you get lances at target?